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The Reviews Are In !

See what others are saying about Rick Broadwell and his new book " 22 Original Jazz Duets For Trumpet."

What are others saying about Rick and his new book?

" I've never heard anything like it."

- Buglers Weekly


"Mr. Broadwell has really written something"

- Duet Digest


"He took a lesson from me once many years ago."

- Bobby Shew, International Jazz Soloist


"Go away...."

- Doc Severinsen, Trumpet legend


"I think it sound pretty good to me."

- Jin-Su, Club New Office


"There's really a lot of notes there."

- Jazz Times


"Pretty cool. I can actually play much higher than Rick. And I've done way more stuff."

- D. Higa, Royal Hawaiian Band

"Nice! Please come check out my big band. Also, I'm dating a black chick"

- Mike Lewis, Freelance Trumpeter (through his attorney)

"Not bad writing - but I think this is one of the idiots who was sending me terrible recordings of my own music."

- Jerry Hey, Legendary trumpeter / arranger


- Wynton Marsalis, Jazz Master / LCJO

"I've played worse"

- Don Hazzard, former principal trumpet HSO

"Practice your chromatic scales"

- Tres Pistones

"Yes, I'd really like to thank Eric, Mark, and David for all their hard work. Oh, Rick Broadwell? I'm sorry, never mind.  Please delete this."

- C. Bright, Royal Hawaiian Band 

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