How do you become a good trumpet player?

Updated: Sep 14

What do you need to do to become a good trumpet player?

You need to practice.

You need to have a good teacher.

You need to hear great trumpet players play.

In our lessons you will learn...

..the fundamentals of good trumpet playing. You will learn not just what to practice, but how to practice - yes, you’ll need to practice. I will help you with breathing and how to use your air effectively. You will learn how to develop a great sound - your sound. I will help you improve your range, flexibility, endurance, and technique. You will develop new skills and build on your existing ones. Want to play high notes? You can. You will also begin to build a repertoire of music that will help you develop as a musician. In short, learn how to play more efficiently, and in turn, have more fun playing the trumpet.

What to expect:

When we first meet, I will want to hear you play - just to see where your playing is at - and we’ll talk - what are your goals?, what do you want to learn? What do you hope to gain from your lessons? This will give us a good starting point.

The sound of the instrument is all important and “it is by imitating that we learn everything.” With this in mind, I try to model excellence for my students, and will also recommend other excellent musicians to emulate. We will do a lot of playing together - trading off, modeling, imitation. I also use time-tested trumpet methods of the masters to help you develop good fundamentals, as well as sharing my own insights and exercises.

Each student has unique and varied talents, but they do have to work at it to develop them and bring them out. A good teacher can really help with this. It comes down to conditioning unnatural reflexes to become natural - enabling you to let go and make music.

- Rick

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